Back to the Future: A look back at my most popular comedy posts of 2015

The things you clicked on more than anything else I posted in 2015. Without further ado…

1. Yearbook photos for Louis CK and Matt LeBlanc (as depicted in junior high and high school in Newton, Mass., where they were classmates!), which make any day a great TBT and a chance to write your own young adult fan fiction…

2. R.I.P. Jason R. Chin, iO Chicago instructor and former artistic director (he was only 46)

3. Ron White for president? Comedian announces 2016 bid (and I think he might be serious, but only if you are)

4. The rising tide of Amy Schumer and the importance of lifting up your friends (talk about squad goals, and this story about how Schumer’s comedy BFFs also enjoyed great 2015s might rank higher if you include additional people who read this via Medium)

5. Open mic host kicks open micer to ground during Las Vegas show (the flying drop-kick seen and heard around the world’s comedy community)

6. Amy Schumer’s call for a Comedian’s Bill of Rights or Comedy Club Commandments that every booker should heed (at the very beginning before what would be a massively successful year, Schumer sat down for “The Moment” podcast and detailed what she wished she could see in dealing with comedy club bookers and owners on the road, and I turned it into this list for the sake of discussion)

7. The Top 100 comedians competing on NBC’s Last Comic Standing 2015 (actually, only 80 names surfaced, and not all of those 80 made it off of the cutting room floor and into your TV screens, but still, these were the comedians invited to participate and that could not be taken from them)

8. Meet the New Faces of Just For Laughs Montreal: Class of 2015 (the ONLY list every young/new comedian wants to make)

9. Comedy Club managers answer 15 questions from comedians via Reddit (thanks to Rocky Kev for sharing this with us here)

10. Cleveland Browns helmet logo “change” plays right into comedian’s joke (if only Dan Wilbur could laugh with the 2015 Browns and their performance on and off the field, tho)

11. Are these the top 25 wealthiest living comedians in 2015? (trick question, and sketchy data)

12. Jon Stewart’s return to stand-up at The Comedy Cellar (right place, righter time)

13. Jack Black as Adam Devine’s father figure on Workaholics, and other pitch-perfect parenting sitcom guest casting (a list! but no slideshows, promise)

14. Storytime: Maria Bamford’s institutionalization in a psych ward is Above Average (a dramatization retold by Bamford for Chioke Nassor’s webseries)

15. Appreciating Harris Wittels, Without Getting Too Much Into A #Humblebrag #RIP

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