If President Trump gives you a bad taste in your mouth, how about President Tater Salad?

“Blue Collar” comedian Ron White, 58, has announced an independent bid for the White House in the 2016 presidential election.

White made the announcement along with a video posted Tuesday showing him signing paperwork — and created a new RonWhiteForPresident.com — where his slogan is “Vote Smart! Because You Can’t Fix Stupid,” and he says:

“For years, people all across this great country have asked me to run for President, but nothing like this year. My decision to run for President of the United States of America came from a lack of choices. I’ve watched the debates and I thought to myself: Is this what we have to choose from? For 30 years I have traveled this country back and forth, up and down. I love you people and you have told me what you think is wrong and what you want to see change. So if you want me to do this, I will.”

“This is going to be the real White House,” he said in his official YouTube video as he signed the document, implied to be his official paperwork to run for office. “Bring it.”

“For the last 30 years of my life, I’ve done nothing but non-stop touring across this country, back and forth, making these people laugh, eating with these people, drinking with these people,” White told AOL. “I know what they need, I know what they smoke, I know what they say, I know what hurts them, I know what they’re worried about.”

TATERSALAD-admatHe repeated his intentions the past couple of days with AOL/The Huffington Post, SiriusXM, TMZ and last night on FOX Business — the very cable network that broadcast and moderated this week’s Republican presidential debate.

White said he’d name fellow stand-up comedian Josh Blue as his vice-presidential running mate. He’d asked Lewis Black — whom he’d watched last month’s GOP debates with alongside Kathleen Madigan — but Black declined. So instead of a Black and White ticket, he said he’s going with “Ron White and Blue.”

Get it?

You get it.

Roll the clips.

His presidential website includes two major platform issues so far:

1) Help and Support Injured Service Members: “This country is still at war. These guys and gals are coming home, blown to smithereens, worse than any war in the history of war. And it’s appalling how we treat them. They’re ours. They’re our young men and women forever, and we have to take care of them forever. They’ve given a sacrifice to this nation that should humble every one of us.”

2) War on the Drugs That Matter (Meth!!!): “I say we legalize marijuana nationwide and tax it. And then I say we have a real war on drugs – this will not be your grandma’s war on drugs. We have a serious problem with meth dealers and meth houses infecting this country. We’ll take some of that tax revenue from pot sales and offer American citizens $20,000 to find the meth houses and labs and just bust in and start blowing them away. We’ll give them an 8-minute warning to get the meth babies out. No reason to hurt the meth babies – not their fault.”

The Ron White For President Site also has a form for you to fill out to let the comedian know where you live so he can update you accordingly on his actual campaign.

If you want him.