Louis CK and Matt LeBlanc may not have won Emmy Awards last night in the category they were matched up in — Jeffrey Tambor won Lead Actor in a TV Comedy for his performance in Transparent — but CK and LeBlanc and all of us are winners for rediscovering their yearbook photos.

Which came from the same yearbooks! Because Louis Szekely and Matt LeBlanc were classmates in both junior high and high school in Newton, Mass., in the 1980s.

As my friend and former co-worker Jill Radsken reported Sunday in the Boston Globe, who unearthed the 1982 yearbook from F.A. Day Junior High School and 1985 yearbook from Newton North High School. Want to know what their yearbook entries said? Click on the Globe link and share some love for my friend.

But cherish these photos and give them the Emmys for adorably capturing the essence of the 1980s!

Then catch up on the latest seasons of Louie on FX or Episodes on Showtime.