Forbes prints out a list each year of the 10 comedians who made the most money from touring, films, TV gigs and commercial endorsements.

But who’s really raking in the dough?

Graduate student Randy Olson followed the money to and then started crunching the numbers. Here’s what he figured as the top 25 “richest living comedians” today, as charted above.

Jerry Seinfeld is an obvious chart-topper with his TV money and his continued touring. Bill Cosby still ranks highly, despite the ongoing scandal surrounding his offstage behavior and alleged crimes.

Byron Allen! Making yourself the boss of a large-reaching TV enterprise certainly makes the buck stop where you want it to.

What other names jump out at you? For me, it’s the names NOT on this list. Where is Jeff Dunham? He has been banking tens of millions each year for decades now… And no old-guard comedians (Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Burnett) managed to keep the residuals coming? Hmmm.

A lot of other names pop up on CelebrityNetWorth’s “Top 50 Richest Comedians.”