When Adam Devine burst into our national consciousness — not just through his starring role in Comedy Central’s Workaholics, but also through a national ad campaign and a plum role in the singing feature film Pitch Perfect — I was far from the only person to notice how Devine reminded us all of a young, energetic Jack Black.

Devine and his Workaholics crew noticed, too.

So when they cast about for someone to play Adam’s father DeMamps, they went the obvious route and just got Jack Black.

Roll the clip!

Father, brother, still a very close comedy bloodline relative.

Here are a few other spot-on guest casting choices for TV sitcom parents in recent memory.


Broad City: Susie Essman as Ilana’s mother


Glee: Idina Menzel as mother of Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) mother


King of Queens: Ben Stiller as father of Arthur Spooner (Jerry Stiller) via flashback!


Friends: Teri Garr as mother of Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow)

Did I miss any of your favorite pitch-perfect guest casting choices for mothers and fathers of star sitcom characters?