No sooner do I announce once more my desire to avoid posting heckler videos — because it’s my firm belief that sharing and spreading videos of comedians “destroying” hecklers only provokes more incidents, as the mind of a heckler is encouraged by the prospect of becoming the subject of the next great heckler video — than I’m sent this video from an open mic in Las Vegas.

This is different, though.

This is straight up comedian-on-comedian violence. Or wannabe-on-wannabe violence. I don’t know the parties involved in this incident, allegedly filmed last Thursday night at an open mic in downtown Las Vegas.

Freddy Correa posted the video today and wrote, “Heckler tries to attack Comic & gets kicked! I don’t condone violence but I do support self defense.”

What we can see is this: A host, unidentified in the video, presides over a sparsely attended open mic at The Beat Coffeehouse on Fremont Street. A performer, identified as “Rade Zone” and wearing foil on his head, already is mid-verbal confrontation with the host, who implores Rade Zone to sit down. The video describes Rade Zone as a heckler who disrupts comedy shows. The host repeatedly insults Rade Zone and warns him not to come back toward the microphone or himself. “Rade, if you put your hands on me again, if you put your hands on me again, if you put your hands on me again, you’re going to fucking regret it.” Rade replies: “Don’t talk shit about me. You’ve got to apologize.”

“You wonder why nobody likes you, bro,” the host pleads.

“I like him!” one woman shouts. Another man in the audience says, “I think you’re terrific, Rade. Great hat!” Someone (perhaps that man) claps. The woman in the back of the room hugs Rade.

“Unbelievable! Unbelievable!” the host continues.

“Would you stop talking about it?” a woman asks.

“Start the fucking show, asshole!” Rade yells. “Bring on the next comic! Right now! And stop making fun of me!”

The host: “You do that all by yourself, Rade.”

Rade: “No! No! You lied to me!

“I have the mic! I have the mic!”

“You said!”

“I have the mic! Throw a tantrum. ‘I’m a 60-year-old baby. I don’t get my way.’

After more insults, a few patrons walk out the front door, while Rade Zone briskly approaches, saying, “Listen, bitch, are you going to start shit with me right now?” Right then, the host lunges forward and kicks him in the stomach, Rade falling backward to the floor.



“Call an ambulance. Call an ambulance. I hit my head,” Rade says. The woman from the back approaches him, saying “this is not OK.”

An audience member or comedian laughs and says “now that’s funny.” Good grief.

Roll the clip.

This, for reference, is an old blog by Rade Zone from 2005. And this is Rade Zone performing a Christmas parody song, “Grandpa Got Run Over by a Redneck,” for Kidd Scurry back in 2009.

So he certainly has been a fixture of that scene for many years. Whether that’s worth what happened in this open mic last week? Well, that’s up for some debate. Certainly didn’t look like anyone emerges from this video a winner. No matter how much you want to dress it up.

What happens even in a Vegas open mic sometimes gets shot and put on YouTube for all of us to see how messy it gets.