J. Chris Newberg, Geechy Guy join Melissa Villasenor in top 48 of America’s Got Talent 2011

Newberg_agt_2011 If you appear on America's Got Talent and make it to Vegas Week, but they never identify you by name, then does it still count as a credit? While I wait for Nick Cannon to get back to me on that one on behalf of the three "comedians" who didn't make the cut, three other comedians did make it through to the top 48 who will be performing on the live shows for this summer's voting audiences.

Melissa Villasenor got fast-tracked by the judges to Hollywood along with a few other contestants with varied talents (including the more circus-y big-tent types), while J. Chris Newberg (at left) and Geechy Guy both received approvals following Vegas auditions.

And Newberg got to tell Piers Morgan: "Suck it."

Here is Newberg's first audition, in front of the full crowd.


And here is Geechy Guy's Vegas audition, in front of just the judges and camera crew.


Interestingly and coincidentally, New Wave Entertainment showcased both Villasenor and Newberg for the industry last fall in Los Angeles.

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