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Pic of the day: Zach Galifianakis gets a case of Whiplash, and spins circles around a rowdy Brit

From my friend Mindy Tucker comes this snapshot from Monday night's Whiplash show at the UCB Theatre in NYC. After surprise drop-in appearances by Martin Lawrence and Bobby Slayton turned out to be fake-outs by guest host Sean Patton, Patton introduced Zach Galifianakis to the crowd. Galifianakis is back in the city filming the second season of HBO's Bored to Death. This one rowdy British woman, who was more than eager to bound onstage when challenged by Galifianakis, needed a bit of a dressing down. So he made jokes at her expense and, at one point, literally spun circles around...

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CollegeHumor tests “MacGruber” cast vs. SXSW public on a puzzle game…MacGruber!

Movie stars on the red carpet get asked plenty of silly questions. Would they like to play a game? (If you say that last sentence as a talking Radio Shack TRS-80, you get bonus points in everyone's books) So when CollegeHumor's Jeff and Streeter had the chance to visit both SXSW in Austin, as well as the MacGruber movie premiere screening featuring SNL's Will Forte and Kristen Wiig, well, why not test their puzzle skills with a game? They say the famous comedians are better at the game than the public, but what was that in the beginning about "randomly" setting the timer? Hmmm. Anyhow. Still worth a minute or two to waste your time. Roll...

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Jay Leno tells Joy Behar that NBC screwed over Conan (and himself, obviously?)

So Joy Behar was on The Tonight Show, Jay Leno edition, don't call it a comeback. But the real dishy dish happened backstage beforehand, as Behar and her HLN (that's KFC speak for Headline News) people filmed an impromptu chat with Leno. And he was quick to answer the inevitable Conan and Kimmel questions. Yes, Leno said NBC screwed Conan over. But he also claims he was screwed over, which is still slightly hard to swallow, but not as hard as the moment in which he says a comedian should never "impede on someone else's opportunity." Watch the whole thing, including some other filler with Behar, at your...

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Moshe Kasher on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

One afternoon, you're sitting in the audience next to Moshe Kasher watching an episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and before you know it, you're soon watching Kasher himself on stage performing stand-up on Late Night. True story! I first met Kasher last summer at Montreal's Just For Laughs, where his "New Faces" set was one of the more inventive and fearless of the bunch. He handed me his CD there, and that recording provides even more evidence of his commitment to being his own comedian. As you'll see in the clip from Fallon last night, Kasher has a definite style and personality, and while his rapid-fire delivery may prevent the studio audience from filling in spaces with laughs, he's not afraid or really concerned about that. Or being a set-up, punchline, hold for the laughs kind of performer. Kasher has a strong point of view, and he's most concerned about transferring it from his brain into yours, and if you're smart, you'll listen and agree with him. If you like that and want more, do check out Moshe Kasher's CD, then look for him live. He developed his comedy in San Francisco but now is based in Los Angeles. Buy Moshe Kasher's "Everyone You Know is Going to Die, and Then You Are!" on...

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Is Lindsay Lohan unhappy about George Lopez’s joke about her, or is she crying out for help?

Oh, brother. First Lindsay Lohan thought my comedy friend Glennis McMurray was joking about her in a talking baby commercial (seriously?), and now this. To close out her month, Lohan went online to get all up in George Lopez's Twitter grill because he made a joke about her powdered shoes — and cocaine use — on last night's edition of Lopez Tonight. Here's a quick video recap courtesy of Access Hollywood: Now. After the jump, look at these Twitter posts, first from Lohan, then the replies from Lopez… Lohan said:     Lopez replied:   Lopez immediately took the right approach, saying this isn't something to get in a Twitter war over, although, of course, he also seized the opportunity for some publicity (and maybe more publicity) by asking her on his show. And I don't know if I'm reading too much into this, but the fact that Lohan's current Twitter profile picture shows her with the late DJ AM, a guy who helmed an MTV reality show staging interventions for young drug abusers, only to succumb himself last year to a relapse and drug overdose, makes it seem like Lohan really needs help herself. Heck, even if I am reading too much into that, somebody, please, help Lindsay Lohan. Because this is just sad to watch. Which means, I guess, I'm also saying, please, George Lopez, you can...

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