When I saw my friend Mandy Stadtmiller Tweet that she was having fun at the Comedy Cellar on Thursday night, I thought to myself, hey, I'm heading that way. Except I ended up staying in instead. Bad move on my part. Because I missed seeing this strange-but-true incident late in the evening, in which Godfrey called up actor Gerard Butler to help quiet a pesky heckler. What? Yes. That happened.

Stadtmiller caught part of it on tape (normally, I'd be conflicted about this, because we're not big fans of audience members whipping out their cell phones and cameras in comedy clubs — but Stadtmiller told me she had the club's OK, and so long as you have permission from the club and/or comedian, go for it). She also got Butler and Godfrey to talk about being buddies outside afterward. It all appeared today on Page Six of the New York Post, where Stadtmiller works. Kudos on the scoop! Now roll the clips.