One afternoon, you're sitting in the audience next to Moshe Kasher watching an episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and before you know it, you're soon watching Kasher himself on stage performing stand-up on Late Night. True story!

I first met Kasher last summer at Montreal's Just For Laughs, where his "New Faces" set was one of the more inventive and fearless of the bunch. He handed me his CD there, and that recording provides even more evidence of his commitment to being his own comedian. As you'll see in the clip from Fallon last night, Kasher has a definite style and personality, and while his rapid-fire delivery may prevent the studio audience from filling in spaces with laughs, he's not afraid or really concerned about that. Or being a set-up, punchline, hold for the laughs kind of performer. Kasher has a strong point of view, and he's most concerned about transferring it from his brain into yours, and if you're smart, you'll listen and agree with him.

If you like that and want more, do check out Moshe Kasher's CD, then look for him live. He developed his comedy in San Francisco but now is based in Los Angeles.

Buy Moshe Kasher's "Everyone You Know is Going to Die, and Then You Are!" on iTunes:

Moshe Kasher - Everyone You Know Is Going to Die, and Then You Are!