Is Lindsay Lohan unhappy about George Lopez’s joke about her, or is she crying out for help?

Oh, brother. First Lindsay Lohan thought my comedy friend Glennis McMurray was joking about her in a talking baby commercial (seriously?), and now this. To close out her month, Lohan went online to get all up in George Lopez's Twitter grill because he made a joke about her powdered shoes — and cocaine use — on last night's edition of Lopez Tonight.

Here's a quick video recap courtesy of Access Hollywood:

Now. After the jump, look at these Twitter posts, first from Lohan, then the replies from Lopez…

Lohan said:



Lopez replied:


Lopez immediately took the right approach, saying this isn't something to get in a Twitter war over, although, of course, he also seized the opportunity for some publicity (and maybe more publicity) by asking her on his show.

And I don't know if I'm reading too much into this, but the fact that Lohan's current Twitter profile picture shows her with the late DJ AM, a guy who helmed an MTV reality show staging interventions for young drug abusers, only to succumb himself last year to a relapse and drug overdose, makes it seem like Lohan really needs help herself. Heck, even if I am reading too much into that, somebody, please, help Lindsay Lohan. Because this is just sad to watch. Which means, I guess, I'm also saying, please, George Lopez, you can do better than a Lindsay Lohan cocaine joke. We can all do better than this.

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