Oh, brother. First Lindsay Lohan thought my comedy friend Glennis McMurray was joking about her in a talking baby commercial (seriously?), and now this. To close out her month, Lohan went online to get all up in George Lopez's Twitter grill because he made a joke about her powdered shoes — and cocaine use — on last night's edition of Lopez Tonight.

Here's a quick video recap courtesy of Access Hollywood:

Now. After the jump, look at these Twitter posts, first from Lohan, then the replies from Lopez…

Lohan said:



Lopez replied:


Lopez immediately took the right approach, saying this isn't something to get in a Twitter war over, although, of course, he also seized the opportunity for some publicity (and maybe more publicity) by asking her on his show.

And I don't know if I'm reading too much into this, but the fact that Lohan's current Twitter profile picture shows her with the late DJ AM, a guy who helmed an MTV reality show staging interventions for young drug abusers, only to succumb himself last year to a relapse and drug overdose, makes it seem like Lohan really needs help herself. Heck, even if I am reading too much into that, somebody, please, help Lindsay Lohan. Because this is just sad to watch. Which means, I guess, I'm also saying, please, George Lopez, you can do better than a Lindsay Lohan cocaine joke. We can all do better than this.