Happy birthday, Pete Holmes! Let’s watch most of his Comedy Central Presents!

Not mentioned during last night's introduction for Pete Holmes at Whiplash: That the stand-up has been recording his routines over multiple performances at the late-night UCB stand-up showcase for a future CD, and that, since it was after midnight, it was his birthday. Happy birthday, Pete Holmes!

To celebrate, someone should write a feature-film based on the E*Trade talking babies that you voice in their commercials? Check. Katie Dippold (writer on Parks and Recreation) is on the case, if this report is to be believed. Um, OK?

I've got a better idea. The half-hour Comedy Central Presents for Pete Holmes aired last month when I was called away from the Internet, so I couldn't post anything then — though I was in the audience when he taped it back in November. And I realize I haven't shared much of his stand-up on the site yet. Let's fix that right now. Oh, also, Holmes has his own weekly show tonight, Punch Up Your Life, so if you're in NYC, go see that. Alrighty, roll the clips! Here's his recent opener:

On Facebook as Big Brother:

More after the jump…

On how he and his girlfriend had different paces in getting on the subway:

On how he is cool with his posture:

On his love of the word really. Really?

On adults eating candy:

On why he doesn't think anyone should want to be 10 again:

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