Review: Quincy Jones, Burning the Light (HBO)

In case you missed the premiere last night of Quincy Jones: Burning the Light on HBO, it’s available to subscribers now On Demand as well as HBO GO and HBO NOW.

I wrote a review for my friends at Decider.

Here’s an excerpt:

By the time he hit the stage this spring in Los Angeles, he not only was ready to face the cameras, but also his own mortality and the whirlwind of attention he has received in 2016. “Now I feel pressure, and expectations are high, and I feel expectations to die,” Jones jokes early in the hour. “I can’t live longer than three hours with this s&!t. I can’t be the Magic Johnson of cancer.”

Make no mistake. This isn’t some sort of Make-A-Wish HBO special. Jones intends to earn your approval just like any other hard-working 32-year-old comedian in this comedy boom. After joking about how mistakenly self-diagnosed himself first with celiac disease – thanks, WebMD – because as a comedian, he lacked health insurance, he’s able to find a positive spin on his cancer diagnosis now that he can eat gluten again without worries. And he compares chemo – which he still undergoes every month – to what pregnancy must feel like, at least in terms of how his logic and mood swings have become extreme.

Quincy Jones sat down with me last week at HBO headquarters in NYC for my podcast, Last Things First.

And here’s a behind-the-scenes vignette Jones did with HBO:

Read my full review of Quincy Jones: Burning the Light on Decider.


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