Review: Bo Burnham, Make Happy (Netflix)

My review of Bo Burnham’s new Netflix special, Make Happy, is on

What’s it about?

I’ll let Burnham tell you what he says 45 minutes into his latest hour of comedy and art:

“But for real. What is it about? It’s about performing. I try to make my show about other things but it always ends up becoming about performing. I started performing very young, as a teenager, professionally. And as a comedian, what you’re supposed to do, you’re supposed to talk about what you know. And what I knew always was performing. So to talk about traffic or laundry felt incredibly disingenuous. But I worried that making a show about performing would be too meta. It wouldn’t be relatable to people that aren’t performers. But what I found is that I don’t think anyone isn’t.”

Read what I make of Burnham’s introspective meta form of performance art by reading my full review on Decider.

Despite Burnham’s advice for me…

Bo Burnham: Make Happy, exclusively on Netflix

More to come…

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