You probably recognize Jeff Garlin from the TV thanks to his two long-running roles, on ABC’s The Goldbergs and/or HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

But this Second City product also has a long history with stand-up, too; in fact, his first hour, Young and Handsome, directed by Bob Odenkirk, originally streamed on Netflix before the platform decided to invest fully in streaming stand-up. Garlin says he was the first with a Netflix streaming special!

He also loves to boast about how his stand-up is mostly improvisational. While true, as I wrote in Decider last year when his second Netflix special debuted, he does have a beginning, middle and end to it, much like an episode of Curb. Garlin’s stand-up also might offend you as much as a typical Curb episode, too.

There are more meaningful revelations later in the hour. You may notice Garlin is slimmer than you remember seeing him on camera, and he gets into his history with food (specifically, donuts) and what’s really going on with him, and what lessons he can convey to all of us out of his experiences.

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