Ding Dong Meow (Cookie!), aka The Andrea Rosen Show

DingdongmeowAndrea Rosen's current show at the UCB Theatre, "Ding Dong Meow," really should be called "Ding Dong Meow (Cookie!)"

It's neither one-woman show nor performance art piece, but rather a showcase for Rosen's variety of talents as a comedian. Want to hear her stand-up comedy about true and often embarrassing stories from her life? Ding! Want to see her portray various oddball characters such as a half-deaf bride, an embarrassed mafia don or a kangaroo? Dong! Did you know that she writes consumer complaint letters when companies and restaurants let her down? Meow! Would you like a home-baked cookie? Cookie!

Rosen life-changing revelations are funny, nauseating and downright sentimental. Thankfully more of the former and the latter than the middle part.

Did I mention her cookies!

"Ding Dong Meow: The Andrea Rosen Show" at the UCB Theatre in New York City. Shows scheduled May 6 and May 27, 2011.

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