Quincy Jones is the birth name for a legendary music producer from Seattle, and also the stage name for a 32-year-old stand-up comedian who had moved from Seattle to Los Angeles to pursue his comedy dreams. In one year, comedian Quincy Jones (his birth name is Quami Wallen, but he’ll explain that to us on the podcast) performed on 1,000 different shows. On July 3, 2015, Jones was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and given one more year to live. But he’s determined to burn the light on that diagnosis, and already has achieved one major dream: His own stand-up special. Funded by an immensely popular Kickstarter campaign, it got the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, who helped him get the attention of HBO. Quincy Jones: Burning The Light debuts tonight on HBO.

I sat down with Quincy in HBO’s headquarters in New York City on the eve of his special’s debut for a very inspiring chat about what we all can do with our time on Earth.

So let’s get to it!