Flashback: Tour Vietnam, circa 1995, with Tom Rhodes in this hour special from Comedy Central

Tom Rhodes has been a world traveler for several years now — he was living in Amsterdam when I met him almost a decade ago — but back in 1995, he had the long hair that you remember from his NBC sitcom Mr. Rhodes, and a lanky frame. Rhodes recently unearthed the footage from an hourlong special he did for Comedy Central in 1995 called Viva Vietnam.

Why don't I let him take care of the intro from here…

Some of you may remember that many moons ago I had long hair and a strong presence on MTV (back when its soul was relatively intact) and Comedy Central. In 1995 CC gave me the opportunity to do what I love – travel across the world in an effort to explore and bring love and laughter to all. I decided to check out Vietnam, mainly because my father fought in the war and had a really shitty time. So I figured I'd go make up for it by leaving the weapons home and having a blast with my fellow man across the globe.

The VHS has been out of print for years. So if you love it and want to own it, feel free to write Rhino & Comedy Central to let them know you'd like to purchase this beautiful gem of joy and laughter.

This is one of my favorite moments in my career and I'm happy to share it with you once again. It's the full show, complete with a wacky Rhino Records commercial to start it off.


Roll the clip. And yes. That is a long, wacky Rhino Records ad up top. Roll it!


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