Did you make this list of “30 Under 30: Comedians to Watch”?

Splashlife and Funny or Die teamed up to come up with this list of young comedians to watch, and I was surprised to see one name on this list. Can you guess which one? I bet you can. Especially when I tell you that I started my professional comedy career in Seattle. Oh, to be young again. Or maybe I am!

These are the 30 comedians under 30 who earned mini-profiles on that list:

  • Nick Youssef, 28, Los Angeles
  • Ali Wong, 28, Los Angeles
  • Chris Thayer, 24, San Francisco
  • Ryan Stout, 28, Los Angeles
  • Betsy Sodaro, 26, Los Angeles
  • Amy Schumer, 29, New York City
  • Tim Robinson, 29, Chicago
  • Andy Peters, 28, Los Angeles
  • Johnny Pemberton, Los Angeles
  • Jimmy Ouyang, 23, Los Angeles
  • Kevin O'Shea, 27, San Francisco
  • Rob O'Reilly, 26, Los Angeles
  • John F. O'Donnell, 30, New York City
  • T.J. Miller, 29, Los Angeles
  • Sean McCarthy, 22, Seattle
  • Joe Mande, 28, New York City
  • Adam Mamawala, 23, New Jersey
  • Sean Jordan, 29, Portland, Ore.
  • Joselyn Hughes, 29, Los Angeles
  • Nikki Glaser, 26, New York City
  • Alex Gavlick, 17, Portland, Ore.
  • Scott Gairdner, 25, Los Angeles
  • Jena Friedman, 28, New York City
  • Sarah Fineout, 27, Chicago
  • Shelby Fero, 17, Palo Alto, Calif.
  • Paul W. Downs, 27, Los Angeles
  • Michael Cassady, 30, Los Angeles
  • Hannibal Buress, 28, New York City
  • Eric Andre, 28, Los Angeles
  • Kellen Alexander, 26, Chicago

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3 thoughts on “Did you make this list of “30 Under 30: Comedians to Watch”?

  1. You cleaned up really well for that photo. Props. You’re like a were-boy.
    Why the fuck were we left off this list? There wasn’t one Canadian on this list. 30 is fast approaching.

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