“Love Can Suck…” but this show doesn’t, thanks to Leslie Meisel and Megan Neuringer

Lovecansucknew Warning: The show "Love Can Suck a Dick…and So Can I," does not feature any actual acts of fellatio. Double warning: Leslie Meisel and Megan Neuringer will make you double over with laughter as they rewrite whatever notions you have of a show that revolves around heartbroken woman.

The show is a true collaboration, with Neuringer writing and directing (and co-starring as the manifestation of Meisel's "broken heart") and Meisel performing a combination of great character work and inspired crowd work. Despite centering on heartbreak and opening on a scene that even Debbie Downer couldn't top (or bottom, as it were), Meisel's whimpering mess goes meta based on a suggestion from her heart to write a one-woman show, which becomes a hit, and fast-forwards more than 3,000 shows to what the audience gets to see. Roll a clip!

As Wendy, who is deaf and has a thing for the ladies, and as Carla, a Staten Island woman who is breaking it down, Meisel shines in improvising with unsuspecting audience members. Fun facts: She learned ASL to commit to Wendy's character, and as Carla, she shows us that any man can sit in as the "perfect man."

I don't want to spoil it all, but if you'd like to see two woman with great working chemistry, who also are willing to eat chow mein onstage for the sake of comedy, and also quote some great movie lines, then you're in for a treat.

"Love Can Suck a Dick…and So Can I" continues its run at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC through September. At the Sept. 1 show, Neuringer and Meisel will be donating $1 to Gilda's Club NYC for every person in attendance, with Paige Davis (Trading Spaces, Chicago) matching the amount.

Don't miss it!

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