I wrote a glowing review of Ryan Hamilton‘s first Netflix stand-up special over at Decider, because he earned it! Watching Ryan Hamilton: Happy Face will make your face happy, too. A decade of living and doing comedy in New York City has done this Idaho boy good. And given him the ability to bridge both worlds with aplomb.

From my review:

“Where do you want to begin. Should we start with my face?” Yes. Hamilton’s face does rest or revert to a large, toothy grin as the special’s title suggests, although he doesn’t always feel so happy on the inside.

As he self-deprecates his visage to ingratiate himself with you, he notes: “I think I could sell ice cream in the ’50s.” True that. In fact, upon hearing that admission, you’ll wonder why casting agents haven’t already found a role for him in all sorts of period pieces, from Mad Men to Jersey Boys. Hamilton’s a walking Pleasantville.

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