Review: “Schulz Saves America” on Netflix

I can respect Andrew Schulz’s hustle and still not enjoy this game he’s playing.

The way it’s all structured, almost breathlessly dense, works for and against it comedically. You might miss a lot just trying to follow along.

There’s a lot of wordplay, with graphics popping up and gone in a moment to amplify a pun or suggest an alternate perspective. Since Schulz is a comedian big into sports, you’ll see lots of sight gags involving professional athletes or his fellow stand-ups. But there are some dated references only a road comic could love, too, from Terri Schiavo to Rachel Dolezal to Monica Lewinsky.

This clip gives you a full flavor of the Schulz experience, with sex jokes involving Harry Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein and Robert Kraft, a joke at the expense of Michael Strahan’s teeth, a graphic showing a shoe when he says “don’t eat beef and broccoli,” going after California politicians for their hypocrisy, and two different jokes where the punchline is prison rape. And that’s only half of it.

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