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The Top 100 comedians competing on NBC’s Last Comic Standing 2015


NBC allowed comedians to start spreading the word, one month ahead of the premiere of season 9 of Last Comic Standing, that they're appearing and competing among the Top 100 stand-ups selected for the "Invitationals" round of auditions -- taped this spring before judges Roseanne Barr, Keenen Ivory Wayans and Norm Macdonald.

Can't you just wait to see them experience this? REMIX!

So...Who's in? Who's out? Who's still hiding out?

So far, the following comedians have revealed themselves as contestants (in alphabetical order!):

UPDATED with more names of people we saw onscreen during the Invitationals

  1. Nick Allen
  2. Sara Armour http://www.saraarmour.com/
  3. Tony Baker https://tonybaker.socxs.com/Home
  4. Ian Bagg http://ianbagg.com/
  5. Kevin Bozeman http://www.kevinbozeman.com/
  6. Lonnie Bruhn
  7. Rhea Butcher http://www.rheabutcher.com/
  8. Tony Camin https://twitter.com/tonycamin
  9. Jessi Campbell http://www.jessicampbell.com/jessicampbell/Welcome.html
  10. Melanie Comarcho
  11. Ryan Conner https://www.ryanconnercomedy.com/
  12. Alycia Cooper http://www.alyciacooper.com/
  13. Dan Crohn http://dancrohn.com/
  14. Kendra Cunningham http://www.kendracunningham.com/
  15. Jan Davidson https://www.facebook.com/jandavidsoncomedian
  16. Tim Dillon https://twitter.com/timjdillon
  17. Dominique http://www.dominiquecomedi.com/
  18. Andy Erikson http://www.andyerikson.com/
  19. DC Ervin http://dcervin.com/
  20. Jackie Fabulous http://www.jackiefabulous.com/
  21. Chris Fairbanks
  22. Ricarlo Flanagan https://twitter.com/fatherflanagn
  23. Noah Gardenswartz http://www.noahgcomedy.com/
  24. Renee Gauthier http://reneecomedy.com/
  25. Amir Gollan https://twitter.com/agollan
  26. Harrison Greenbaum http://www.harrisongreenbaum.com/
  27. Kyle Grooms
  28. Rob Haze http://robhaze.tumblr.com/
  29. Andy Hendrickson http://andyhendrickson.com/
  30. Jon Huck http://jonhuck.me/
  31. Cody Hustak http://www.codyhustak.com/
  32. Mia Jackson http://www.miajackson.com/
  33. Ambrose Jones III http://www.comedianambrosejones.com/
  34. Natalie Jose http://www.nataliejosecomedy.com/
  35. Amir K http://amircomedy.com/
  36. Sierra Katow http://www.sierrakatow.com/
  37. Bryan Kellen
  38. Mehran Khaghani http://themehran.com/
  39. K-Von
  40. Jason Lawhead http://jasonlawhead.com/
  41. Candy Lawrence http://comedylawrence.com/
  42. Mike Lebovitz
  43. Kevin Lee
  44. Joe List http://www.comedianjoelist.com/
  45. Brad Loekle http://www.bradloekle.com/
  46. Kelly MacFarland http://kellymacfarland.com/
  47. Steve Macone http://www.stevemacone.com/
  48. Cyrus McQueen http://cyrusmcqueen.com/
  49. Amy Miller http://amymillercomedy.com/
  50. Emmett Montgomery http://www.emmettmontgomery.com/
  51. Sam Morril http://www.sammorril.com/SamMorril/HOME.html
  52. Martin Morrow http://www.martinmorrowcomedy.com/
  53. Sammy Obeid http://www.sammyko.com/
  54. Michael Palascak
  55. Ms. Pat http://www.mspatcomedy.com/
  56. Gene Pompa http://www.genepompacomedy.com/
  57. Esther Povitsky
  58. Priya Prasad https://twitter.com/pri4priya
  59. Crystian Ramirez https://twitter.com/crystianramirez
  60. Francisco Ramos http://www.franciscoeramos.com/
  61. Shelagh Ratner https://twitter.com/shelaghratner
  62. Mark Schumacher http://markschumacher.com/
  63. Julie Scroggins
  64. Mike Siegel
  65. Andi Smith http://ishouldgooutmore.com/
  66. Shakir Standley https://twitter.com/shaknotshaq
  67. Junior Stopka http://juniorstopka.com/
  68. Moses Storm https://twitter.com/mosesstorm
  69. Amy Sumpter http://www.amysumpter.com/
  70. Caleb Synan http://calebsynan.tumblr.com/
  71. KT Tatara http://www.kttatara.com/
  72. Drew Thomas http://www.comediandrewthomas.com/
  73. Taylor Tomlinson http://www.ttomcomedy.com/
  74. Angelo Tsarouchas
  75. David Tveite http://www.davidtveite.com/
  76. LaVar Walker
  77. Sheng Wang http://shengwangtime.com/
  78. Greg Warren http://www.gregwarrencomedy.com/
  79. Jason Weems http://jasonweemscomedy.com/
  80. Kasuan Wilson

As you might have guessed or counted, that's not all 100. Who are the others? Why haven't they jumped in to tell everyone to watch them? What are they afraid of? That they'll spill the beans on how they did? Or are they embarrassed by how they performed? Are they just lazy comedians? Do they need new representation? Don't answer. Just reveal yourselves.

The Top 100 comedians at "Invitationals" competed for 40 semifinal slots, with the Top 10 moving forward to new head-to-head competitions. The Top 5 perform in the Finals, with the winner taking home $250,000 and a development deal.

And you'll be able to see the winner and other finalists on tour across America this fall! Tickets and tour dates already are on sale.

And now, some videos to whet your appetite for the eight-episode season 9 of Last Comic, premiering July 22, 2015, on NBC.

First, a time-lapse of the stage construction:

And a word from judges Norm Macdonald and Keenan Ivory Wayans on “when they knew they were funny”:

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  1. Frank

    tim Dillon confirmed in the top 100

  2. Mike

    How interesting that every single one of those comedians has their own website with a personalized domain name. Coincidence? Probably not. Makes me suspect that the Top 100 finalists were chosen not so much for their stage skills, but for how many "followers" they have, and how many social media "likes" they can get, to create buzz for the show, and higher ratings. Old-school comedians are left in the dust; they could have the funniest set ever, but if they're not also a computer guru, marketer, salesperson, PR spinner, and online viral sensation - then good luck!

    This quote pretty much says it all: "Why haven't they jumped in to tell everyone to watch them? What are they afraid of? That they'll spill the beans on how they did? Or are they embarrassed by how they performed? Are they just lazy comedians? Do they need new representation? Don't answer. Just reveal yourselves." = incredibly tech-biased, ignorant, and elitist. Like the thought of a comedian NOT having their own website and million "fans" on every social media channel is a completely foreign concept to Sean McCarthy. Get back to basics dude.

    • justaguy

      "Old-school comedians are left in the dust; they could have the funniest set ever, but if they're not also a computer guru, marketer, salesperson, PR spinner, and online viral sensation - then good luck!"

      Then those comedians should either hire someone to do that work for them or else get used to the fact that they'll continue to be passed over for certain opportunities. And if you can't afford to hire someone to do basic computer work like building a website then you're probably in the wrong line of work because you obviously aren't doing well enough to earn a stable income.

      Whining and moaning that times are changing isn't going to stop them from changing. No matter what industry you work in, it's your responsibility to keep up with the times and continually educate yourself.

      And for God's sake, if you're a professional comedian who doesn't even have a website, I have zero sympathy for you. Zero. Buy a domain name for $13 and point it to a free Tumblr account. Just have SOMETHING that people can go to when they Google your name.

    • Stanley


  3. Someone Who Knows

    Or maybe everyone had to sign 300 page agreements that said they cannot reveal themselves because they might be edited out, and these are the people who have been contacted.

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