Mickey Rooney has died. Rooney, a former child star of the 1920s and 1930s who by 20 was the biggest movie star in the world — in the world! — was 93.

Among his many screen credits spanning eight decades, his characterization of TV comedian Sammy Hogarth cut a dramatic swath through the world of comedy in the 1957 live TV production, “The Comedian.” John Frankheimer directed Rooney and the rest of the cast — Kim Hunter, Mel Torme, Edmond O’Brien and others — in a script written by Rod Serling and Ernest Lehman, adapted from Lehman’s novella.

It aired live on Feb. 14, 1957, as part of the Playhouse 90 series.

Bonus: An early reference of the legendary “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” joke.

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