Gov. (and VP nominee) Sarah Palin’s vlogs

What do Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin from Alaska and New York City comedian Sara Benincasa have in common? Well, since the former’s 17-year-old daughter is pregnant and the latter worked for Planned Parenthood, you’d think not much. But put Benincasa’s hair in an updo, change her accent, and just like Palin, she becomes a "sexy piece of insanity." Ahem. Proving how fast the Internet works, Benincasa and her friends already have uploaded a series of fantasy vlogs for John McCain’s VP pick.

For vlogs #2-4, click here, here or here. Benincasa told me more vlogs are on the way.

Did you realize right away on Friday that you could pull off a Palin impersonation? "Oh, no. I didn’t think so," Benincasa told me. "I just wanted to eff around for fun. Diana Saez and I were just
hanging out with our respective significant others at 1 in the morning, talking about how nutty Palin is. And we remembered that I had a camera, glasses, bobby pins and lip gloss. And voila!"

"At the time, we wanted to make fun of the rumors that her daughter, Bristol, and actually given birth to her son, Trig," she said. "But then the story about Bristol being pregnant broke, after I edited the first one. And suddenly everyone was looking at the first one, so I cut three more. Just on a Ramen and water bender. I love Ramen. And water. Like a panic attack of Palinanity."

I think feeling loopy makes it better, don’t you? "Yes," she said.

UPDATED/RELATED: Lisa Nova, aka Lisa Donovan, also weighed in with her own NSFW parody of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, on the phone with McCain (Dan Oster). Watch it here.

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