Employees of the Month (May 2022): The Kids In The Hall

Comedy doesn’t have a Human Resources department, so leave it to The Comic’s Comic to dole out honors and/or discipline accordingly. Our Employees of the Month for May 2022 are The Kids In The Hall. Congrats Dave, Bruce, Kevin, Mark and Scott!

NOTE: This is a feature I introduced on my Substack, Piffany, in 2021, and have transferred over to The Comic’s Comic, where it truly belongs.

Past Employees of the Month have included: Jerrod Carmichael (April 2022), Amy Schumer (March 2022), Volodymyr Zelenskyy (February 2022), W. Kamau Bell (January 2022), Nicole Byer (December 2021), Jackie Kashian and Laurie Kilmartin (November 2021), James Austin Johnson (October 2021), Phoebe Robinson (September 2021), Ms. Pat (August 2021), and Kevin Hart (July 2021).

It had been 27 years since their fifth and supposedly “final” season ended on CBS with Man In Towel burying them alive in their own grave.

And yet.

Somehow, someway, The Kids — Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson, all of whom now pushing 60 — managed to be more than OK Boomers when they reunited for an eight-episode sixth season of sketches for Amazon Prime Video. Much, much more than OK. As I wrote in my official review for Decider, “Unlike some of their (and my) contemporaries in comedy, they haven’t lost touch with what works for them and with audiences as they’ve hit middle age.”

Please enjoy these red-band and green-band trailers for the new season, which bring back “Cathy and Kathie,” Buddy Cole, Danny Husk, The Head Crusher, Gavin, The Eradicator, references galore to Brain Candy, plus more evidence proving The Kids remain young at heart and funny as ever.

Congrats to KITH on coming back and then some.

And if you need catching up, The Kids also reunited for a great documentary that goes all the way back with footage of their earliest performances as two separate duos (minus Scott) in Calgary and Toronto in the early 1980s. You can read my review of the doc, Comedy Punks, over on Decider, too.

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