We already knew Team Coco was expanding its comedy profile by producing stand-up specials for HBO Max. Now we know who and when.

The first of the five previously announced specials will roll out in August on HBO Max, starting with Beth Stelling (who filmed hers in March) and James Veitch (also filmed before COVID-19 quarantine shutdowns). Veitch’s may have taped in 2018, actually! More on that later…

Also coming later, once they can film specials again: Debut hours from Chris Redd and Moses Storm, plus two stand-up showcases hosted by Conan O’Brien and featuring Naomi Ekperigin, Solomon Georgio, Ismo, and Tommy Johnagin.

Beth Stelling, Girl Daddy is an artfully hilarious hour about family, society and the exes who have shaped her.
James Veitch, Straight to VHS explores technology, retro-gaming, and finding love through troubleshooting theory.