Hulu has an unconventional documentary coming out in August about The Amazing Johnathan, but Steve Byrne beats it to the punch with a heartfelt look at the comedian and magician who has stayed alive despite telling fans and loved ones five years ago that he was about to die.

Byrne’s Always Amazing gets to the heart of the life story of Johnathan Szeles, to be certain, including interviews with his mother as well as David Copperfield and Penn Jillette. But where Always Amazing goes deeper is into the three-decades-long friendship between Szeles and Joel Ozborn.

Ozborn (because Osborn isn’t quite on-the-nose enough for an Aussie native’s stage name) was only 12 when he first saw The Amazing Johnathan. Young Joel immediately became the comedian’s number one fan/stalker, and eventually assumed roles of promoter, business partner, best friend and opening act.

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And you can watch the entire documentary for free on YouTube on the All Things Comedy channel!