After a decade in character on YouTube, and a series on Netflix, what hasn’t Miranda Sings done?

Perform as herself. Colleen Ballinger opens Miranda Sings… Your Welcome by reintroducing her natural self to the audience, before changing costumes onstage into Miranda and performing several songs from her YouTube channel.

This special, though, gives her fans (and their parents) plenty they haven’t seen before.

Photos of Ballinger as a baby, proving once and for all that she always had a Miranda resting face.

Passages read aloud and shown onscreen from Ballinger’s own diaries as a tween, wondering if she’ll ever get a boyfriend.

Of course, as a pregnant YouTube star, she’s accomplished more than she ever expected. Although she also wonders about what her son’s life will look like: “He’s gonna think he lives in a house with a mommy and a daddy, and sometimes mommy disappears and a crazy girl with lipstick and a camel toe chases him around the house with a camera.”

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