Essential quotes from each of the six stand-ups in Netflix’s “The Standups”

After reviewing so many hourlong comedy “specials” over the past couple of years, it’s so refreshing to see some of my favorite stand-up comedians putting out half-hours for Netflix.

All killer, no filler.

You can read my review of Netflix’s The Standups on Decider.

Here are quotes from each of the six half-hours in The Standups that help clue you into their half-hours, in their own words:

  • Nate Bargatze: “Hey, do you think if I told people I was buying a hammock, is that going to come off like I’m bragging?”
  • Fortune Feimster: “I am a woman. So do not kick me out of the bathroom, please!” “I am a beautiful snowflake, just trying not to melt.”
  • Deon Cole: “What I’m going to do tonight is, I’m going to try out some jokes. Do some jokes. Hopefully they work, and if they don’t, I’m never going to see y’all again so it don’t matter. Also, I only wrote black material. White people, I didn’t know y’all was coming. So, just sit there and take that shit.”
  • Nikki Glaser, on her flight having a female pilot: “I was psyched. As a woman in a male-dominated profession, I was like, get it girl. Male-dominated is also my favorite type of porn, but that’s beside the point.”
  • Beth Stelling: “The only thing more feminine than giving birth, is men in their 30s throwing underhand.”
  • Dan Soder: “No one can tell you’re crying when you’re shoveling snow”

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