What happens when one satirical late-night TV show that focuses on news and politics pokes fun at another satirical late-night TV show that focuses on news and politics?

Is that a comedy scandal?

“Yes!” said Tom Shillue on this morning’s Red Eye, which he hosts in the overnight hours for FOX News. “They took my show and pretended I was clueless, when I’m not clueless! I know what I’m doing!”

They = Full Frontal with Samantha Bee on TBS, which last week brought out a staffer to bemoan the TV anchors and talking heads who claimed that the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would not have been a fan of the “Black Lives Matter.”

Shillue said Full Frontal selectively edited out the portions of his Red Eye which already rebutted the suggestion Shillue had floated in that broadcast on MLK Day.

“Greg, sympathize with me. I think they’ve broken all sorts of comedy rules here,” Shillue asked comedian Greg Johnson, one of his panelists. To which Johnson replied: “Absolutely Tom. No one knows that more than you do. What would a White Lives Matter rally look like? It’d be like a Phish concert and like a hacky-sack circle. It’d be hosted by the Harvard lacrosse team.” Or the Trump supporters, someone interjects.

“I would host it,” Shillue offered. “I’d lighten it up. I would. I would lighten up a White Lives Matter rally.”

Wait, what?

Roll the clip.