Henry Zebrowski is a force of nature onstage or onscreen, clothes on or, as the case sometimes is, in the buff. The shine on Zebrowski’s star power continues to brighten – from his earliest appearances in web videos for CollegeHumor and his own group, Murderfist, through the Adult Swim series, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, VH1’s Best Week Ever, a supporting role on the big screen in The Wolf of Wall Street, and as one of the 12 Angry Men in the Emmy-winning sketch series Inside Amy Schumer. You’ve also seen him blazing across the screen in NBC’s Heroes Reborn and into your earholes on Cave Comedy Radio’s Last Podcast on the Left.

Zebrowski now stars as one of eight comedians given free reign to sculpt their own Netflix special for The Characters.

So let’s get to it!