The Nightly Show stands up for comedians against politicians: #DickJokesMatter

The most recent Republican presidential debate began on such an unpresidential note, that even though it happened on Thursday night, all of the late-night comedy shows still wanted to address it come Monday.

Most made basic jokes.

The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore saw the bigger picture, though.

Dick jokes aren’t for presidents. That’s a comedian’s job. “It may not be classy work, or work I’m proud of, but it’s honest work,” Wilmore said. “That puts food on my table. And a roof over my head. I got my kids through school on dick jokes! Alright? Alright. Dick jokes! Trump claims Mexico’s taking our jobs, well, Trump’s taking jobs from hard-working low-brow comedians who’d be nothing without a good dick joke. And don’t give me that bullshit, like, ‘All jokes matter.’ Fuck you, motherfuckers! It’s not just me. No no no! It’s not just me. Comedians everywhere are outraged. From prop comics in Pensacola to stand-ups in Spokane. And we are standing together and starting a movement. Dick jokes matter.” So Wilmore brought out the great Dave Attell, Gilbert Gottfried and Rachel Feinstein to rally the comedy community’s troops into action, with music by Nightly Show contributor Grace Parra. #DickJokesMatter

Roll the clip!

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