Patton Oswalt has a real love-hate relationship with his online haters — to the point where he routinely pokes fun at them through both subtle and explicit means on Twitter. Wonder if they can tell the difference?

You’ll probably notice the difference in this video, though, as Oswalt tricks a group of his so-called haters into meeting in real life. With surprising results. This is but a fictional video, alas. Made by Funny or Die. To promote Oswalt’s hosting of the 2014 Webby Awards. Happening tonight. Available on demand Tuesday.


Credits: From Patton Oswalt, Pam Murphy, Tarik Ellinger, DeMorge Brown, D’Arcy Carden, Barak Hardley, Bill Kottkamp, Charles Ingram, Jack Allison, Jake Fogelnest, rachelgoldenberg, Funny Or Die, Becca Scheuer, Mike Karnell, keganswyers, and Tricia Robertson.