The 2016 presidential election┬ástill hasn’t recorded a single primary or caucus vote yet, but the campaigns already have been so chock full o’ nuts that the Saturday Night Live all-stars keep getting called back in for active duty.

We’ve seen Larry David as Bernie Sanders, Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton (joining forces with current cast member Kate McKinnon’s Hillary), Darrell Hammond replace Taran Killam as Donald J. Trump, and even Tina Fey return to dust off her Sarah Palin impersonation.

So here in episode 11 of season 41, amid the potentially record-setting Jonas blizzard of 2016, SNL opened cold with Hammond as Trump, introducing Fey’s Palin to the stage once more, with her own spin on Palin’s real-life crazy talk of an endorsement speech. Was it Dr. Seuss gone rogue? “She sounds like a greeting card in a Chinese dollar store,” said Hammond as Trump in one of several asides to the camera. Fey’s Palin, meanwhile, jokingly suggested “I’m just here ’cause he promised me a spot in his cabinet. And I belong in a cabinet, ’cause I’m full of spice and I got a great rack!”

Roll the clip!

Ultimate fighting champ Ronda Rousey hosted this week’s episode of SNL with Selena Gomez as the musical guest.

Oh, and SNL just announced Larry David will host the show on Feb. 6, right before the New Hampshire primaries. Wow.