What you need to know if you want to submit writing samples to Saturday Night Live

Did you know you could submit a writing packet to Saturday Night Live right this very minute? Yes, you!

My friends tipped me off to this site that welcomes writing submissions for SNL until July 15, 2019.

If you can meet the July 15 deadline and submit 3 to 5 sketches (which includes one commercial parody, one topical sketch, and whatever else represents your best work), then go for it. NBCUniversal wants you to cast the sketches, too, using the first names of active SNL cast members and any potential hosts, and combine your writing samples into a single PDF file for submission purposes.

Still interested? If so, you’ll also want to read the contractual agreement, which includes the following small print:

2. I declare that all of the important features and elements of the Submitted Material are summarized on the second page of this form and any of its attachments or enclosures, and that I have disclosed no other important features or elements to you. I warrant that I have originally created the Submitted Material and that the Submitted Material is free from all claims or encumbrances and that no one else to my knowledge has any right to it. I believe the Submitted Material and its features and elements to be unique and novel. However, I recognize that other persons, including your own employees, may have submitted to you or others, or made public, or may in the future create and submit, or make public, similar or identical material that you may have the right to use, and I understand that I will not be entitled to any compensation because of your use of other similar or identical material. I understand and agree that your use of material containing features or elements similar or identical to those contained in the Submitted Material will not obligate you to negotiate with me or entitle me to any compensation if you have an independent legal right to use that other material (for example, because the features or elements are not new or novel, were not originated by me, or were or may hereafter be independently created and submitted by other persons, including your employees). Any portion of the Submitted Material that, in accordance with the preceding sentence and Paragraph 1 above, you are entitled to use without obligation to me is referred to herein as “Unprotected Material.” Any portion of the Submitted Material that does not constitute Unprotected Material is referred to herein as “Protected Material.”

You can file this away in your memory banks (even if you didn’t submit sketch ideas) the next time you see something familiar on SNL.

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13 thoughts on “What you need to know if you want to submit writing samples to Saturday Night Live

  1. I have an idea for a holiday season sketch….. not sure if this will get through….? Anyhow….. my idea is to have Alec Baldwin be George (Donald Trump) in It’s a Wonderful Life parody….. have his idiot sons say something to the effect of “every time our dad speaks/tweets another accessory/accomplice gets jail time”…… instead of George saying it’s a wonderful life at the end……. have our democratic base say it in unison.

    1. And, to keep this going…
      A currently relevant sketch could include Rep. Schiff, played by an Andy Kaufman look-alike and in the style of Andy Kaufman. Since they are almost doppelgangers to each other, the story could almost write itself.

  2. How about a skit with the witch from the WIZ Evilene wanting no bad news only sustitute with Donald Trump
    Who never wants bad news hahaha

  3. Dear SNL,
    I just had sex is hilarious. We want the female equivalent. Please use kate mckinnon.

    P.S.We won’t be satisfied until we get it

  4. Freebie for SNL

    DjTrump sings along to Rich Girl by Hall and Oats

    “I’m a fat boy and its gone too far , but it really doesn’t matter anyway , I can rely on my old mans money ,I can rely on my old mans money , its a bitch that no-one likes me anymore etc etc

    too easy to write the rest as you can all imagine I let someone else finish

  5. Idea for SNK skit

    You have a line of people going on for blocks in D.C. that your volunteers think are In line to receive food donations. Once the card roll up to talk to the volunteers you start to realize it’s a line of Trumps crooked cronies looking for presidential pardons, Giuliani is first, his kids are in a limo behind him and keep going with as many crooked cronies as you want to show.

  6. With the recent news surrounding the USSF, and their mission to acquire “military space systems”, how about a skit with Trump on a new Death Star orbiting Earth. Trump on the throne as Emperor, Pence as Vader. Biden makes an appearance as Luke, with Kamala as Leia with the hair buns.

  7. True story and it arose in conjunction with the Chris Farley documentary I watched last night. I was visiting some friends in San Diego and they invited me to a nightclub. We started having some drinks. I had like 3 Seagrams and 7 up. Well there was a stage in this place, and I asked my friends, what is this about. They said anyone can get up there. Well never being a shy guy I noticed there were 7 ladies that were teachers from Escondido. They were all up there as part of their retirement party. I decided to join them on stage. In my 40’s and feeling buzzed I was congratulating all of them on the mic. Then in the heat of the moment decided to take my shirt off. The place went wild with laughter. As I was walking back to my seat I encountered many of the men in the audience and they were still howling. Many of them said “he’s got more testosterone” then all the males in this place. I walked down through all the tables with my chest stuck out like a bantam rooster. There is more to the story than this.

    1. This is not the place to send or post your sketch ideas to SNL. The article above merely guided interested writers to a site that existed for you back in 2019. If you follow that advice, then you might find people or places that can help you. SNL casting scouts aren’t looking for your ideas in the comments section here, however. But I do wish you good luck on your own comedy pursuits!

  8. Ur sitting around with friends on Saturday nite… nothing to do… somebody says let’s go down to The Rap club it jus opened up… sitting around talking when we get up to Rap dance… which is only boning ur head… get up with me

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