You said it, goldenfiddle. After watching all of this Saturday’s Saturday Night Live and half of the season opener, I’m still waiting for the funny. Or more importantly, for some relevance. The first show at least featured Kanye West, and had the good sense to bring Mike Myers back to acknowledge his lack of improv skills during the Katrina telethon. But this past weekend, Jon Heder hosted. Um, why? Shouldn’t that have happened last October? The Napoleon Dynamite impersonators during the monlogue were funny, sure, but, still, isn’t SNL supposed to be hip? Not if you’re booking Ashlee Simpson as a musical guest for A SECOND TIME, because that only screams desperation. Right, I said they booked Ashlee Simpson as a musical guest. Ugh. And the new guys in the cast? Er, curious. Maybe they’ll be funny, if they’re given a chance to do something. But don’t applaud anyone for a good Al Pacino impersonation, because that is so hack. Page 2 Sports Guy, I expected more from you.