This week found Stephen Colbert welcoming a star and the director of the upcoming dark comedy about Wall Street’s 2008 collapse, The Big Short.

But Colbert really wanted to look further back in time and comedy history to the years he spent with Steve Carell and Adam McKay in Chicago. Colbert and Carell performed together in multiple mainstage productions of The Second City. McKay performed with Scott Adsit, Jon Glaser and Rachel Dratch in The Second City’s revue the year after Colbert and Carell. And of course, McKay went on to co-found The Upright Citizens Brigade, while Colbert and Carell went on to become all-star correspondents and more via The Daily Show.

Monday’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert found Colbert and Carell singing and reminiscing. Anchors Aweigh!

Wednesday’s Late Show found Colbert interrogating McKay about an early UCB show in Chicago from 1992 that distributed fliers for a show advertising McKay’s suicide. “How’d that go?”

And now, here’s half of an improv scene. Can Adam get a suggestion please?