Adam Lowitt joined The Daily Show with Jon Stewart back in 2002 and worked his way up to executive producer and writer, but only Wednesday night did Lowitt make his first full appearance in front of the camera as an official correspondent for the show, now hosted by Trevor Noah.

Which gave Lowitt an opportunity to play dumb as “Senior Jewish Correspondent” and joke that the show finally had a Jew on camera. Of course, even though Daily Show viewers hadn’t seen Lowitt, NYC comedians knew plenty about him, as for years he hosted a weekly showcase at Pianos in the Lower East Side called IT IS IT. Lowitt also was a New Face in Montreal in 2012.

For his first on-camera piece, Lowitt made light of how the 2016 Republican presidential candidates awkwardly pandered to the Republican Jewish Coalition. Oh, was it awkward. For the GOP. Not for Lowitt.

Roll the clip!