Years before Thomas Middleditch was an award-nominated star of HBO’s Silicon Valley, he was just another comedian hustling for fame in Chicago, and in 2006, he didn’t imagine that his rap video mocking McDonald’s chicken mcnuggets would amount to as much as it has. Because McDonald’s bought the video Middleditch recorded on the sidewalk outside a McD’s in 2006 next to Wrigley Field and aired it as a TV commercial.

Middleditch told Conan O’Brien that he’s not a fan of McDonald’s, or fast food in general. “Don’t get me started!”

O’Brien got Middleditch to reminisce about that early viral video on Thursday’s Conan.

“I was teasing you, and you’re paying me for it!”

Roll the clip!

The video featuring Fernando Sosa and Middleditch, uploaded to YouTube on March 8, 2006, has received more than 2.34 million views.