Up for auction: Jerry Seinfeld’s handwritten corrections to his 1989 PR bio

“’I’m a hookless act. I have absolutely no hook. There’s nothing physically odd about me, no screaming or profanity, no props, nothing ethnic, no strange clothes—and my name isn’t catchy either. If I don’t have the jokes, I’m dead’…With an intelligent and subtle style, Jerry Seinfeld has gone against the trend of stand-up comedians who favor style over substance. Instead, Seinfeld has chosen to concentrate on his material, and by using that deceptively simple approach to comedy has quietly become one of America’s top salaried night club performers.”

That’s how Jerry Seinfeld directed Jonas Public Relations to pitch his biography, making handwritten corrections as he was set to make a tour of stand-up dates in September 1989, fresh off the summer debut of The Seinfeld Chronicles aka Seinfeld on NBC.

This handwritten proofread of Seinfeld’s bio, plus an itinerary of his gigs from Sept. 20-25, 1989, complete with publicity photos and notations for venue contacts and journalists at each tour stop, and whether they’d already agreed to give Seinfeld advance press for the shows — all of that is available for you to bid on now as part of a special auction at Remarkable Rarities Auction.

“Offering insight into the up-and-coming comedian and development of a show that would become one of the most popular sitcoms in television history,” said Bobby Livingston, Executive VP at RR Auction.

Such as this correction Seinfeld made to the end of his bio to reinforce his love of his local New York Mets.

“HIS ONLY OTHER INTERESTS SEEM TO BE BASEBALL AND SPORTS CARS.” Seinfeld scribbled in all-caps between lines of the typewritten bio by Jonas. “BASEBALL IS mankind’s most sublime invention,” says Seinfeld. “It might be the only thing we’ve ever created that’s perfect.”

Bidding on the Remarkable Rarities Auction from RR Auction begins today through Sept. 27, followed by a live auction event on Sept. 28 that will take place at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge, MA. More details can be found online at

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