Corporate comedy gigs in 2015 same as they ever were, David Spade tells Jimmy Kimmel Live

David Spade recently performed in a corporate gig in San Francisco that also included performances by John Legend and David Blaine. But as Spade told Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the state of the corporate comedy gig in 2015 is the same as it was 10, 20 or even 30 years ago. At least in terms of what they ask of comedians. Not sure what they pay, though! How’s the pay, Spade?

“They give you specific things to talk about, you know? They go, ‘Hey, the VP over here. He’s got three balls and beats his wife. Say something. Say something about it.’ I go, ‘Is that funny?’ They go: ‘It’s hysterical!’ Or they feed you lame stuff, like they go, ‘Hey, you know Roger over there? He’s got a bunch of combs on his desk. Always with the combs! Do something. Something! Run with that!’ And I go, hmmm. You always do it and it always clanks because it’s like 8,000 people and no one knows who Roger is.”

Roll the clip!

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