Last Comic Standing 8 makes the cruelest cut: Say it ain’t so, Joe!

Say it ain’t so, Joe Machi!

Spoiler alert. The one finalist I personally knew already out of the four remaining comedians in season eight of NBC’s Last Comic Standing won’t get to compete in the two-hour season finale for the title and the cash and prizes that come with it. Sorry, Joe.

But take heart. When you think upon previous seasons of Last Comic, who really wins in the long run, anyhow?

Amy Schumer finished fourth when she competed on the show in 2007. Look at her now!

Now watch the final four perform for the studio audience and our judges — Roseanne, Russell Peters, Keenen Ivory Wayans — in their complete, uncut sets, so you can make your own decisions.

First up, Rod Man.

Next, Lachlan Patterson.

Here’s Nikki Carr.

And last but not least, Joe Machi.

Alrighty then. Which three would you pick for the season finale?

This was the judges decision. Tell it to us straight, J.B.

I like what Machi had to say at the end of it all:

“Normally, I don’t have to compete against other comics. But on the flip side of that, normally no one’s at my shows. And no one comes to see me. Because I’m not a name that people know. Hopefully now, people will come to see my shows and buy T-shirts that are overpriced that have my picture on it.”


Watch the edited-for-TV episode.

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5 thoughts on “Last Comic Standing 8 makes the cruelest cut: Say it ain’t so, Joe!

  1. It really is a shame. Joe Machi and Rod Man killed the entire series. I have no idea why Keenen did not like Joe towards the end. Roseanne was 100% on with disagreeing with Keenan on this. Joe Machi deserved the top 2 on this show.

    I like your point though. In the end the world decides, not stupid judges who can’t even listen to the loudness of the laughter of the audience. If Joe Machi -or- Rod Man come through my town I’m defiantly going to pay and go see them.

    1. Joe had the best writing by far on the show. Maybe it is just my demographic but his jokes really made me laugh out loud and continue to laugh to this day. Russel always said he was the comic he was talking about to his friends and I continue to do that at work with Joe’s work. Can’t wait for an overpriced T-Shirt!

      -still don’t think its fair that the other comics don’t have to go up against Joe

    2. Keenen didn’t want Joe to go up against Rod Man in the finale. Joe got stronger and stronger as the show went on. In the end, he was the absolute funniest. He had to come up with the most material, and he ALWAYS nailed it. It was crap that he didn’t stay. Demographics. They needed a woman. Helps that she was gay. They needed a black man. And they needed a white guy. Keenen simply pushed the funniest white guy out so as to make sure Rod would win. Neither Lachlan nor Niiki were close to being good enough to win it all. In fact Rocky was funnier than either of them by far. And they pushed him out earlier to allow Rod to take it as well. The final should have been Rocky, Joe, and Rod. This was bullcrap. I refused to watch the finale in protest. Bullcrap.

  2. Joe was the funniest comedian. Brilliant material. No one had consistently funny, original material like he did. Keenan didn’t like him and I believe that’s why he didn’t make the finals. Bummed! Come to Houston Improv, Joe! Can’t wait to see you live!

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