Say it ain’t so, Joe Machi!

Spoiler alert. The one finalist I personally knew already out of the four remaining comedians in season eight of NBC’s Last Comic Standing won’t get to compete in the two-hour season finale for the title and the cash and prizes that come with it. Sorry, Joe.

But take heart. When you think upon previous seasons of Last Comic, who really wins in the long run, anyhow?

Amy Schumer finished fourth when she competed on the show in 2007. Look at her now!

Now watch the final four perform for the studio audience and our judges — Roseanne, Russell Peters, Keenen Ivory Wayans — in their complete, uncut sets, so you can make your own decisions.

First up, Rod Man.

Next, Lachlan Patterson.

Here’s Nikki Carr.

And last but not least, Joe Machi.

Alrighty then. Which three would you pick for the season finale?

This was the judges decision. Tell it to us straight, J.B.

I like what Machi had to say at the end of it all:

“Normally, I don’t have to compete against other comics. But on the flip side of that, normally no one’s at my shows. And no one comes to see me. Because I’m not a name that people know. Hopefully now, people will come to see my shows and buy T-shirts that are overpriced that have my picture on it.”


Watch the edited-for-TV episode.