Not wanting to take this new video out of context, I'm not quite sure what to make of this interview Katt Williams did with "The Humor Mill," which bills itself as a newsletter that's about "the urban comic" — just what we need, another online publication devoted to New Yorkers…am I right? Oh, wait. Urban means something different? Anyhow. Code words! Let's focus on Katt Williams, who said he was retiring from stand-up comedy at the end of what turned out to be a tumultuous 2008 for him, and talks about some beef he got into with Steve Harvey near year's end. Remember, even though Williams may have stopped touring, he still has a TV deal with Comedy Central, and his people have told me he's not done with comedy just yet. So keep that in mind when you watch this:

Also, if you call up The Humor Mill Magazine online and turn to page 30-33, you can read the interview, in which Williams says, "Me and stand-up had quite a fling." What's next for Williams? Stay tuned.