SAG-AFTRA posts “Do Not Work” notice to performers seeking “Laughs” TV credit

If you were hoping to use Laughs as a TV credit and as a path to SAG-AFTRA membership, well, let the actors union stop you right there.

SAG-AFTRA issued a “no-contract, no-work” order Tuesday against the stand-up comedy showcase series, which debuted late Saturday night on FOX as a summer trial show.

The union’s notice said that Half Life Productions and executive producer Steve Hofstetter “has not yet executed a minimum basic agreement with SAG-AFTRA. Therefore, all SAG-AFTRA members are hereby informed that no member may accept work or appear as a guest on this series. Violating this order may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the SAG-AFTRA Constitution.”

Hofstetter had billed Laughs as “a ground-breaking new stand-up show, bringing the national comedy scene to a TV audience. Call it “curated comedy” – we watch hundreds of clips each week to show you the very best from the stand-up scene, along with how to catch all your favorite acts live.”

His 13-week tryout with FOX premiered Saturday night in 11 markets.

Hofstetter not only hosted the show from The Laughing Derby in Louisville, which he co-owns, but also from his co-owned club in Indianapolis, Morty’s. He also showcased filmed spots from Broadway Comedy Club in NYC, YouTube clips from other venues and a sketch group, Vine videos, Tweets and jokes posted to Reddit.

In case you missed it, here is the first episode in full:

The episode’s description, from YouTube: “Stand-up from Josh Adams, Mat Alano-Martin, Pat Brown, Costaki Economopoulos, Matty Litwack, Chris Bowers, Etta May, Mark Riccadonna, & Michael Somerville. A sketch from Sasquatch. Vines from Mike Feeney and Danny Palmer. Tweets from Lauren Reeves and Alyssa Wolff. Standup Shots from Sierra Katow, Nat Baimel, Tim Ross, and David Freeburg.”

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10 thoughts on “SAG-AFTRA posts “Do Not Work” notice to performers seeking “Laughs” TV credit

  1. In metered markets, the premiere of weekend comedy show Laughs on select Fox stations delivered a .4 rating, down 50 percent from its lead-in and 33 percent from its year-ago time period average.

    1. The union is trying to uphold the same minimum standards that apply to all shows on network and cable television. If you can’t ethically produce a show, DON’T PRODUCE A SHOW. This is exploitation, plain and simple, and a new low for both Hofstetter’s “career” and industry-on-comic victimization.

        1. Undercutting the agreed-upon standards that allow people working in television to make a living wage is obviously unethical.

        2. Circumventing the established standards of compensation which all television producers must abide by is pretty straightforwardly unethical, no? Do you really need this explained?

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