When is a movie about The Office not an Office movie?

When Ricky Gervais says it is? The BBC and Gervais announced Tuesday that they’re collaborating on a movie imagining his David Brent character in his life 15 years after leaving the paper company he managed in the fictional BBC Two series — which itself spun off successful adaptations in America and around the world.

Life On The Road will see David Brent financing a UK concert tour.

Gervais, for his part, clarified it thusly: “Just to be clear, I am not making an “Office” movie. I’m doing a documentary film about David Brent trying to be rock star. Just Sayin :)”

The film is expected to go into production in 2015.

Gervais rocketed to stardom by co-creating, co-writing and starring in the original edition of The Office as office manager David Brent from 2001-2003, and resurrected the character for Comic Relief in 2013. He also produced a series of YouTube videos in which he purported to help others learn the guitar.

The planned mockumentary will follow Brent, now a traveling salesman, as he thinks he’s being filmed for his journey to rock stardom, only to find out it’s a “where are they now” kind of movie instead.

Another post from Gervais on Tuesday: