Neal Brennan publicly updates us on Tracy Morgan’s recovery

Neal Brennan went on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night to promote his new Sundance series based on New York magazine’s The Approval Matrix.

But first, Brennan also wanted us all to know he spoke with Tracy Morgan on Monday.

Physically, Morgan’s recovery may be slow. But mentally, Brennan claims Morgan is back on track already.

Roll the clip. (Or read the caption!)

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One thought on “Neal Brennan publicly updates us on Tracy Morgan’s recovery

  1. I was devastated (as a person from the outside looking in) to hear what happened to Mr. Morgan and his close friends. Tracy fascinates me with his humor and I consider myself a huge fan. Ordinarily I could care less about a famous persons private life but this bus accident had such a huge radius of impact, from the loss of life to the (hopefully temporary) silence of a comedy GIANT. Get well Tracy and my deapest regards to your friend that past and his grieving family. Get back on that horse “Brian Fellows”.

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