Last Comic Standing is back, and so is Dan Naturman — only this time, Naturman is finding his comedic success thanks to America’s Got Talent.

A decade ago, Naturman infamously pitted the celebrity judges against the producers of Last Comic; the judges loved Naturman but claimed producers wouldn’t let him advance in season two of that show.

Not-so-fast forward to 2014, and Tuesday night’s premiere of season nine of AGT. Naturman, now 44, easily won over all four judges with his first stand-up performance.

Heidi Klum thought he was very likable. Naturman did, after all, include a tag in one of his jokes referencing the Berlin Wall.

Howard Stern yes-anded on that, adding: “We’re looking for the next million-dollar talent. We’re looking for someone great. You fit the bill. Every joke was rock-solid. You’ve got it all. You’ve got the delivery, the likability is there and you’ve got great material. Home run, home run, home run. Welcome, you’re going to do great!”

Mel B. told Naturman: “You’re quirky. You have like an awkward disposition, and you’re really bloody funny. Simple as that!”

Howie Mandel described Naturman as “if Jerry Seinfeld and Jon Lovitz had a child.”

AGT producers set up Naturman’s performance Tuesday with a montage of bad comedians performing badly, and Naturman talking about bombing, but it was all a misdirect.

Roll the clip!

After it aired, Naturman told friends and fans via Twitter: “Thanks for all the kind words about my performance on #AGT. See you next round!”

You also can hear Naturman weekly on SiriusXM radio (though he does not share office space with Howard Stern there) on his new show, The Comedy Cellar Show, with club owner Noam Dworman.

Dworman said last night: “So proud of my radio co-host Dan Naturman who got a standing ovation tonight on America’s Got Talent! Find it and check it out.” You found it. Check it out!

Stay tuned to see how Naturman fares later this summer on AGT.