Dustin’s Dojo audition on America’s Got Talent season 9

Howard Stern used his first and only touch of “The Golden Buzzer” to save an act on the ninth-season premiere of NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

Stern’s save was a joke.

Dustin’s Dojo is a joke act. A guy who says he learned karate at a pizza place in Pensacola (OK, I’ll give him the alliteration there) and has a masked sidekick, and it’s all played for laughs. Because really.

There’s plenty more of this drummed up in 20 videos over the past nine months on Dustin’s Dojo YouTube channel.


And yet, I cannot help but think that these two guys were heavily inspired by Danny McBride. So my question is, would McBride hit his golden buzzer to keep these two jokers in the running for the talent show’s million-dollar prize?

Here is Danny McBride in 2008, playing Fred Simmons, tae kwon do master, explaining The Foot Fist Way on Late Night with Conan O’Brien:

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3 thoughts on “Dustin’s Dojo audition on America’s Got Talent season 9

  1. I am so glad you posted this because I thought the same thing when I watched it last night. Dustin’s bit isn’t quite as funny when you’ve seen the original.

  2. The original person to use this niche in comedy was actually Andy Kouffman, and even he is drawing from stuff that goes on all the time when boys hang out. And really, if Danny McBride was the first to use that idea, what about Napoleon Dynamite when Napolean is just hanging out and starts practicing his shitty fighting moves. The idea of making a comedy bit out of an awkward trainwreck on display isn’t the sacred property of one comic dipshit, and this kid would be funny if you took your head out of your ass and chilled out enough to notice that, while using a similar vein of comedy as Andy Kouffmans staged co-ed wrestling bit or Danny McBrides dojo bit, he’s made his own character with his own idiosyncrasies and his own new jokes brought to the table; they’re also the only duo I’ve seen do this style of bit. Also, who knows what they may do in the next round, they have a daredevil stunts styled bit, like Andy Sandbergs Hot Rod, which is another good example of this style of comedy.

  3. Nice to know you have the same taste in comedy as heidi klum. You sir are a cunt

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