DirecTV cancels The Artie Lange Show

Less than two weeks after Artie Lange‘s diabetes hospitalized him on the road in Detroit, Lange had returned to New York City in good enough health to host his radio/video podcast, The Artie Lange Show, only to find DirecTV cancel it abruptly.

Lange opened his three-hour program on Monday night with the announcement that it was his last show. He told listeners his agent called him on Friday with the bad news.

“They were very amicable about it, very nice about it, very professional and generous. You know, we’re two years and seven months into a three year deal, so it was just a few months until the end of it. It would have been good to end it but, you know, you got to make business decisions. This is a business. I am no rookie at this. I’ve been in situations like this before,” Lange said. “To be honest, I always thought we were a tax write-off for The Dan Patrick Show.”

Lange noted that outside of his tenure as sidekick on Howard Stern’s radio show, his own career has seen him ride out two-year-or-so stints — from MADtv to movies and now this DirecTV program. He also joked that since Craig Ferguson also announced the end of his TV show on Monday, Ferguson would grab all of the headlines from Lange.

But he had nothing but nice things to say about his most recent employers at DirecTV. “They were very good to me creatively, basically let me do whatever I wanted to do…I mean, what executive is going to let you do Dierdorf Abbey, for crying out loud. And they were great to me. There’s no hard feelings at all. I have a lot of other opportunities out there, thank God.”

Afterward, Lange also thanked his fans via Twitter.

As did his announcer, comedian Mike Bocchetti: “The last 2 years where (sic) the best ever love my fans for ever you mean the world to me.”

Listen to the final three hours of The Artie Lange Show:

Lange had made his comeback in the fall of 2011 with Nick DiPaolo as the Nick & Artie Show; DiPaolo left in January 2013, leaving Lange hosting the show solo under a new name.


His personal and professional life took a turn for the worse two weeks ago, when he went into diabetic shock while on the road in Detroit, landing in the hospital for a few days and forcing him to cancel stand-up dates and miss his radio show. Lange posted a photo of him laid up in the hospital on April 25, writing to fans: “Trying to get better. Sorry for missing gigs.”

Guest hosts such as Jim Norton filled in for him — but Lange’s latest health scare also had cost him other gigs, such as a guest spot on Hot In Cleveland.

He wrote on April 20: “I’m so sorry to the great ppl at Hot in Cleveland. They wrote a great script that I was excited to do w talented legends But i got so sick,” adding: “It’s a little embarrassing that Betty White is way healthier than me. I ruined their week. Sorry without help I’d have died. I really tried.”

Here, again, is Artie Lange’s goodbye to DirecTV. Roll it.

What’s next for Lange? He did hint at other career opportunities that remain in play. And he still has his stand-up gigs.

Lange will be back on the road performing stand-up May 3 in Milwaukee.

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74 thoughts on “DirecTV cancels The Artie Lange Show

  1. Direct TV gave up on a drug addicted loser. Just like Stern.
    The men in white coats should have carted him off in a wheel barrow.

    1. Artie is a KING of comedy and talk show radio God and will always back bounce on his feet as he has done many times before. WE LOVE YOU ARTIE please bring Mike with you where ever you go!

      Your legion of fans with follow no matter where you go. We love you for all the good times Artie!

    2. Artie has more heart and personality then anyone can imagine. Can’t wait to see what is next, he is one of the most entertaining guys in the biz.

      Too bad the duds don’t get it. Oh well, I guess there is a reason that stiffs are among us! To keep things boring.

      I’ll be watching for the next gig! Good Luck Artie!

    3. Piers your an asshole, artie was the realest man on TV radio and he had been clean & sober through it. I loved this show it was much better than Dan Patrick’s mainstream, lame, monotone, none original, stuck up show. Artie and Mike were hilarious and the were relatable and down to earth. Only people that r insecure & have multiple problems like u would feel the need to put another human being dowm. People at peace with who they are don’t talk about people like that, obviously your not one of those people your a sad human. Love Artie and the crew!!!

    4. Stop hating ! You are just jealous. He’s living it up and you are on the couch jerking off and eating cheetos.

    5. Piers your an idiot F******** Stern Artie was the reason people listened to it when he left Howard Stern Show sunk after Artie left i’m mean com’on really Shuli replacing Stern

    6. Artie has been through tough times and will survive . Others have been less fortunate so hopefully Artie will get his act together

  2. Artie has had many great gigs and screwed them all up. He a looser and his career in radio is over. The next time we hear about him will be in the obituary.

      1. Dear Noelle I don’t think anyone is jealous of a fat drug addict that has been fired from every job. On my dead in a year list,

        1. This guy (vooDICK) emphasis on the dick (because he loves to suck them), is a heartless bastard, who deserves to burn in hell for even having a list of soon to be dead people! You make me sick and you disgust me, Artie is obviously battling diabetes and your kicking him when he’s already down you voodick hole! Artie hater’s are just jealous that he’s a self made millionaire comedian and they can’t understand the genius of his humor, they’re comedically illiterate. You dumb & dull douchebag critics! You people should be giving Artie words of encouragement, instead you try to tear him down and put him in the grave. Yo Artie keep fighting, and be strong. Don’t listen to these idiots!

          1. The only “encouragement” Lange deserves is to overdose and get it over with. EVERYONE is tired of his lame ass behavior. GROW THE FUCK UP ARTIE! You are no longer relevant.

          2. Is Artie really a millionaire? I’m shocked…but happy for him. Always liked him on Stern, even though I thought the joke man fit better.

  3. It’s getting old Artie. Your problems and the ongoing excuses are boring. Get your act together or don’t. We really don’t care any longer. LOOOOOOSER

    1. It’s a diabetic shock episode moron. What’s he supposed to do? Ya he’s the loser, not you. A random nobody who talks shit online. Even if you could u wouldn’t say that shit to his face cuz he’d roast you and you know it. Fuck this bitch…Artie’s the man. Legend.

      1. Ha ha. You really think he was hospitalized because of his diabetes. Go suck Arties dick you punk ass bitch.

  4. It’s getting old Artie. Your problems and the ongoing excuses are boring. Get your act together or don’t. We really don’t care any longer. LOOOOOOSER

  5. Makes me sad to see this article. Artie Lange was outragoues, hysterical, spot on and an asset to the Howard Stern show. I missed him for so long and mourned his departure like I lost my best friend. Of course, Howard carried on, because after all, we all really listen for Howard. Artie, if you read this, know you are loved. I hope the best for you. I understand your struggle so well, so I will NOT pick or put down! Good luck with life my friend.

    1. Howard carried on because people listen to the old shows with Jackie and Artie. His interviews and his personal life now are boring. I started listening in 1993. I get it – he’s an older man now. Who can be dynamic in their 60’s. He’s mainstream now. Artie and Jackie and Billy West from way back made the show with Howard. Period. Deep down he;s got to know it, too.

  6. Yes he has problems, but give the guy a break, everyone is different, on how they deal with past situations..If you know anything about Artie, you know that He feels responsible for his father’s accidental death and he’s never gotten over it..Those of you who had a great father know. Some people never get over things. He’s a depressed person who is suffering..No matter how much money or fame he has…it all don’t mean shit if your wheels upstairs never stop turning.

    1. That guy “jim’s” comment is definitely from jim Norton. Im sick of hearing him brag about being a recovering addict. Always giving his text book recovery advice. The now middle aged creep was an “alcoholic” from 18-21. Every college student that age is an alcoholic. He needs to go to recovery for his stand up so he can quit trying to be a comic. Best of luck to Artie. He is the real deal. Maybe he should replace Norton on O&A. So they could have a comedian with a status equal to theirs.

      1. The only shtick Jim Norton has, is the perversion for hookers that look like his mother.

        He tried Artie’s mother,but it didn’t work.

        She looks like his father.

  7. Its funny, I’m sure all these guys judging artie haven’t done shit with there lives. Artie is the real deal and lives his life by his own rules. And the guy is hysterical

  8. If you watched his show, he was constantly on air high and rambling. I felt embarrassed just watching. The bottom line is no one is going to hire a junkie until he gets clean. With his constant lies and excuses, it’s hard for anyone to feel sorry for him at this point. He is doomed for another over dose and next time may be his last.

    1. Bullshit dude, I’ve never heard so many great stories in my life. Artie’s an open book and funny as hell. And hes been clean for like 3 years. Besides, why the fuck does it matter? Why judge him for shit he does to himself. Throughout all he struggles he still became rich and famous. Meanwhile Paul, nobody but me gives a fuck about your opinion on anything. I just do cuz someone had to tell you how moronic you are. Not very original I know…I’m sure you get told that all the time.

      1. “clean for 3 years”, your kidding right? He was fired from DTV because his show sucked and had NO ratings. Not my opinion, its fact if you read the press release. Yes, Artie has become famous for being an fat drug addict and we all like to watch the train wreck. What a dumb ass you are.

  9. Anyone who thinks that Artie’s career is done is either out of their minds…… Or just never had a job that didn’t suit them or their personality… He’s a great talent who just needs to find an outlet that was similar to what he had when he was with Howard. As big of a fan as I am of Arties, I admit that his Direct TV show really didn’t hold my interest for too long either. I’d try to watch it JUST BECAUSE of Artie but we’re talking about a show that Direct TV is airing for all their customers for free. Not even CLOSE to Arties brand of humor!! I’m sure it served a purpose in his life but it definitely was not the Artie that his old fans know and love.

    If Artie landed a show on Sirius, for all the millions of people who still wish he’d go back with the Stern Show, there WILL be listeners. Guaranteed!! Not to mention his standup abilities… The guy’s far beyond talented!! I can only imagine how much better he would make the O&A show if they injected him into it…. Even if it was only a few days a month, because despite what morons have to say about Jim Norton, he’s great for the show too! The four of them would just be EPIC!!!!

    Artie may have his battles ahead of him but I am definitely rooting for him! Besides, only a moron would wish harm on another human being. Haters always gonna hate!! Godspeed, Artie!! Wherever you end up, I’ll be listening…

  10. It’s over for Artie. He looks like he is 70 and I’m sure another OD is right around the corner. RIP Lange.

  11. Artie was the reason I subscribed to Sirius. Once Sal and Richard joined the Stern show, the blatant stupidity of these two morons made this show “jump the shark.” Artie’s wit rescued this show from the sophomoric humor that is Sal and Richard. Even Howard obviously just pretends to enjoy their “humor.” Artie is gone and was never replaced. I look forward to Howard’s interviews…other than that, it’s following in the same steps as every other show that increases the dumbing of America. Thank You.

  12. Artie and mike are a classic combo and cant be replaced….they are brutally honest and naturally funny…vein and smart(artie) humble and dumb(mike) will land somewhere…i think maybe a late nite sportsnet channel…and they should keep ritchie for his amazing football knowledge, josh for his impeccable timing with dubbing in, and dan to agitate mike(f*#king HILARIOUS).

    1. Yea, because that exact line up worked so well. The show was cancelled because no one watched. Remember? Duh

  13. Artie will never get that monkey off his back. Direct t.v. saw the hand writting on the wall and parted ways. Smart move on there part,they knew some things will never change!!!!

  14. Artie Lange is too lazy to make any real changes in his life. He will OD and that will be that. Good bye and have a nice trip Artie.

  15. I would imagine its that time again to put the beach house back on the market. No one is going to hire a junkie these days. Too many opportunities wasted and he cant even sell out the smaller venues any longer. Artie Who?

  16. Lange at one point had it all, now unfortunately, he is just another junkie that cant or wont get his shit together. Just don’t care any more about him.

  17. Saw him on Fallon. Same old routine (clap clap clap ) hooker story. We have all seen and heard before. Not fresh or entertaining Art. Get a new job, you bore us.

  18. Agree, his day is over. His drug, hooker and drunk stories have been told over and over. That’s the only material he has and its boring now. I guess that’s why he was canceled. There are many new fresh comics out there way funny that Artie Lange. The Stern days are long gone and Artie never updated his act. The only people who care or listen are all in there 50s or older. The younger generation don’t even know who he is.

  19. It’s very funny how most of the people making fun of Artie as a “looser” can’t spell. That being said, I am sure I will make some kind of spelling error. We are all one. As long as Artie is hurting we are all hurting. The folks who are judging him as a fat has-been wait 10, 20 years until you are a fat never-was except for all your really exciting (sarcasm there, folks) internet tough talk. Artie, you are truly funny and have a beautiful spirit. I am afraid we are going to lose you somehow and just wanted to say that in case you might happen to see it. You helped me laugh through some terrible stuff and about subjects like addiction that I really didn’t think would be funny. Love ya

  20. Looks like Fat Ass lost another girlfriend. His fiancé left him recently. When the $ from the show left, so did she! Cant imagine what is was like having to screw this fat slob.

  21. It’s well know that Artie Lange is closet fag and she was just his beard. Think about it,.who would want to fuck that nasty fat pig unless you were being paid. Regardless of how much money he has, he cant get a date and has been taking his sister to all his public appearances recently. His in my celebrity death pool too. I give him a year at best, I hope anyway, have $100.00 ridin on it. LOL LOL

  22. He has defiantly fallen off the wagon again since she left him. He’s been Twittering non stop all kinds of incoherent crap. Even if he did get another gig, he would screw it again. Its over Johnny. RIP Fatty.

  23. Artie went from the biggest radio show in the world (Howard Stern) to his own show on Direct TV and got fired from both. Now he’s starting some shitty little podcast? Just go away already-no one cares about your fat lazy ass. #truth

  24. Hahaha now he is charging for a podcast. Oh, poor Artie. Does he think anyone but a few people would pay for a podcast? He has really hit rock bottom.

  25. Just saw the clip from Late night with Seth. My god, he looks awful. He has gained so much weight again. He wont live much longer.

  26. First,hope your feeling better and congrats on your engagement and marriage. do not care about the negatives mentioned as i watched you tv show on direct tv and was left laughing by the time it ended. i use to feel sorry for mike but, im sure he could take it and it worked well with the gig. the twins were cute as hell and im sure theyll find jobs as models , try doublemint chewing gum lol always looking for twins there . wish dan and other techinical people the best too. If your ever in indiana ill be sure to get a couple of tickets so make sure you post or advertise well ok.well they say all things come to an end so take care wish the best a fan forever terry k. from indiana.

  27. MOLTEN<
    You realize she left him already. When he got fired she hit the road. Wise move on her part and is way better off without a fat junkie in her life. Artie has defiantly "jumped the shark". His recent Comedy Central special was nothing more than the same old stores and jokes we've already heard many times over. He is just too lazy to put any effort into his career and thinks he can just get by repeating the same crap. Artie is now planning on doing a podcast and charge for it. Not sure who is giving him advice, but that is a looser form the start. No one is going to pay $ for a podcast these days.

  28. Artie Lange is done as of today. Been banned from ESPN and Comedy Central will no longer air anything of his. Artie will you just go away now? Get a really sharp knife and just do it already!!!!!!!

  29. Saw Artie’s show in Philadelphia a couple of days ago with my girlfriend and It was a waste of $. No new material and very few laughs. He just keeps repeating old bits and has not imported any new stuff. There were many people complaining on the way out about how lame the show was. I’m sad to say that I have the to agree the most of the posters here. There is no way I would pay $ for his podcast.

  30. Saw Artie in Pittsburg last week. He was so fucked up and his nose was bleeding on stage. So sad people were walking out it was so bad. He is no longer funny just sad.

  31. Dear arty, please get help i see this will not end well. You believe you hit bottom but you didn’t .I purchased both your books. I ordered stern 4 2009. Purchased two radio’s and a car subscription is 11 27. 2016 I am a fan the act and you look like shit. Its nothing to do with stern stop talking about him. If your clean humble yourself start over. I think your comedic acting is as good as it gets. Clean up take some small rolls in indy films things will go your way. You have the gift use it.Good Luck

  32. Artie Lange is a very talented comedian and not only rescued the Howard Stern show but helped launch it into the stratosphere. They wisely never attempted to replace him. Good luck Artie !

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